Transform your
great idea

into an
awesome product

We build the digital product that you need

Getting started is always a difficult task; here at Wakot we know how complicated can be for digital entrepreneurs to launch their dream product, in particular if they don’t have the needed technical skills.

Because of this, here at Wakot we’ll help you get started—we work with you hand in hand towards developing the first version of your product (a MVP), a high-quality product able to generate traction awaken the interest of your potential clients and investors.
We build your idea so that you can take care of the rest.

perfect teamThe dream team

We’re an interdisciplinary team with experience in all kinds of projects. We are experts in usability, user experience, visual design, programming…. We’ll take care of everything you need for your project to succeed.

technologyTop technologies

Each project has different needs; that is why we’ll help you decide the most suitable technology for you, based on our experience. Moreover, your project will be developed at high quality standards.

startupsWe love startups

Every member of Wakot has belonged in the past to a startup’s development team, so we are knowledgeable of the methodologies and needs of this kind of projects.

communicationAlways in communication

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the project evolution in real time, thanks to our integration of several communication tools in our development cycle; furthermore, you can take an active role by contributing your ideas during the process.

startup metricsMeasure everything

‘Everything that is not measured cannot be improved’. We know how important it is to measure each key activity within your product, and that’s why we’ll fit it with different leading measuring and metric-capturing tools.

scalableScalable and maintainable

We like to do things well. The code we produce for your project will be clean and documented, allowing for future modification or expansion, or even transferring it to another technical team with ease.

mvp strategy

Step 1 Define roadmap

At the beginning of the project we’ll analyze your idea, determine the main features your MVP should have and itemize an action plan.

ux experience

Step 2 UI/UX research & design

We’ll conduct a study on how users should interact with your application; after that, we’ll create several designs and mockups for each of the product’s sections.


Step 3 Technical development

This is the longest stage of the process, in which we will develop the product at the technical level, turning everything that was detailed during the previous stages into a real, completely functional product.

launch startup

Step 4 Launching

Lastly, when we finish product development and you’re satisfied with the final result, we’ll make it available to the public.

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